Alright, you probably think I’m the last person on Earth to notice this (lmao i don’t judge you) but I’m sure there will be someone out there reading this and noticing it for the first time.

Yesterday I was hanging out with my friend at her house and we were randomly watching music videos that would pop up. That’s when we clicked on ‘Happiness’ by Red Velvet. I’ve watched that music video a billion times by now but this was the first time I wasn’t looking at the four-colored-mouth in the first seconds of the video and noticed that YERI IS ON THE VIDEO. Look!


This is the part I was talking about, now taking a closer look…


That’s clearly Yeri, there’s no doubt if you compare it to a photo:


It’s not that surprising if you think about it. By the time Red Velvet debuted Yeri was still a trainee, entertainment companies often have their rookies appear on other artists’ music videos that have already debuted. I just thought it was funny because you can see other girls on this part of the video that aren’t part of Red Velvet (probably other trainees) however, Yeri was the one that ended up joining the group earlier this year!

You can be honest now… was I really the last person to notice this?


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