Every KPop stan knows the Idol Star Athletics Championships equals social media flooded with videos and photos of our favorite groups being all cute, hot and sporty (one of the reasons why I’m thankful for this event). Since probably 80% of the audience are fangirls, it’s obvious that they will take photos and film videos and share them everywhere possible, so why bothering to take such drastic measures when they don’t want the photos to leak?

I had already read on or two tweets about this a couple days ago, some people were saying we shouldn’t share photos of our idols before ISAC aired (set to air on September 26th, over a month from today) because MBC could edit them out. It made no sense to me and since everyone on my tl kept sharing them so I thought it was just a random rumor. However, today there was a bunch of people talking about it and even one of my friends sent this to our group chat:


She also added that last year Teen Top got edited out due to their fans sharing photos and videos on social media and it got me worried. I didn’t have to delete anything¬†because I didn’t post anything by chance, just retweeted a few photos. But because there was people posting at every minute.

I understand why they don’t want some things to leak, like who won what, but they should take the measures to avoid it before the event starts instead of threatning to edit out certain artists, that’s pointless and unfair. I just hope this wasn’t more than a warning and that anyone is left out… !


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