Woah… there isn’t a single day without drama involving Zayn ever since March, is there? Geez, I don’t even know if I should ignore it or defend Zayn anymore, every time something happens it becomes a huge headache because it always leads to a fan war.

Wanna know something about me? I hate fan wars and I’ll quietly and peacefully avoid tweeting whenever one of those happens. Some people still have the strength to fight and fearcefully defend their favs when there’s drama going on but I just feel so fed up with this, sometimes I even entirely avoid logging on twitter.

Shit between ZSquad and Mixers got serious this time though. The situation has been shaky for a long time now, it all started with that dumb radio interview where Little Mix had the dumb idea to throw shade at One Direction.

STOP RIGHT THERE!!! Hold your horses before you start saying I hate Little Mix, i don’t. But a big portion of the world population is already aware that it’s not a good idea to throw shade at One Direction for no reason at all. That’s pointless and it’s getting old, haters have been doing that since 2012 and when someone does that, even pacific directioners like me will show another side of us.

Now, the whole point of this post was Little Mix’s most recent move. It seems that recently at a Little Mix Meet & Greet some fans brought a sign saying “ZAYN IS IRRELEVANT ANYWAY” to later on show it to Perrie. Reportedly, Perrie asked the fan not show that around but that she agreed with her. However, Jade had a much more radical reaction… she said “FUCK ZAYN” and took the fan’s sign. Let’s be honest here, even though there’s nothing to prove the dialogue between Perrie, Jade and the fans, it’s not hard to believe it now that Zerrie broke up. Plus… lolololol   loljadelol LOLJADELOOOOOOOL

I don’t have any intention to bother with this issue in the near future. Zayn, Perrie and Jade are grown ups so I’m guessing they can solve their problems like the adults they are but, honestly… Jade, was this necessary? It almost seems like she wants to see Zayn stans flip their shit on social media. I can already see the war between ZSquad and Mixers blowing up. Oh well.



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