Kris… Luhan… Z.Tao…

Hello there! Sorry I didn’t post much yesterday, my laptop decided to die when I wasn’t even home and now all I can do is to start the laptop on safe mode… which is terrible and limits A LOT the amount of things I can do. Guess we’re starting with the wrong foot… ?

Alright, as for what I’ll be talking about on this post, I guess many people are quite fed up with this subject already and just want each person involved to carry on with their life and be happy. At least it’s what I¬†want.


It seems like the never ending drama between SM Entertainment and Kris and Luhan has a lot more behind it than what we thought.

Last week, I was left heartbroken after¬†reading Kris’ statement regarding the reasons why he decided to abandon EXO and leave SM. After¬†learning the things he went through, under what conditions he worked and how he felt I admit I am glad he decided to leave, In fact I am surprised he was able to handle it for so long.

Don’t get me wrong though, I love EXO and I would be the happiest if ot12 got back together. However, I love them as individuals aswell and if they are happier and better off doing something else then I will support them no matter what.

If you haven’t read Kris Wu Studio’s statement yet, you can read the translation here¬†.

Apparentely, I am not the only one who feels this way. Of course many people were disappointed at Kris after his departure,¬†including the other¬†members of EXO but Kris’ recent statement certainly changed some minds.

A couple days ago, in an interview with the chinese news outlet¬†Sina, Tao (aka Z.Tao nowadays) spoke up about his current relationship with Kris. He confessed that he¬†actually cut ties with Kris back then due to being disappointed to see him abandon EXO so suddenly and that they haven’t spoke since then. Now, Z.Tao apologized to Kris, said that he understood him now and tried his best to express how sorry he felt for acting that way back then.

Once again my heart was broken. Tao and Kris had such a beautiful friendship, I felt awful after learning how were things between them these days.

On the other hand, while Z.Tao explained all of this, he said he still kept touch with Luhan, which quite comforted my sad heart. At least not all ties were cut after each members’ departure…

Here you can read Z.Tao’s answer to¬†Is there anything you feel you did wrong and are truly regretful of?, which lead to his apology to Kris.

It really makes me sad to learn these things about people I care so much about. I’m not asking for all twelve to be best friends again but I do hope they solve whichever problems and misunderstandings that were left unsolved. I want them to later on feel the least regretful possible, seeing Tao like that alone was already too much, how would we handle all of them feeling like this… ?

What do you think about this whole situation?

Kris… Luhan… Z.Tao…

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